Matt Simpson, our North Country neighbor

I grew up here. I built a successful business here, I raised a family here, I made a life here. I know the issues at the core of the North Country because the North Country is at the core of who I am.

Matt Simpson was first elected to public office in 2011 for a seat on the Town Board in Horicon, NY before being elected as Town Supervisor in 2013 and dutifully serves this role to this day.

During his time as Town Supervisor in Horicon, Matt created budgets that stayed under the tax cap, LOWERED taxes, and utilized shared services with neighboring municipalities to without diminishing the level of service the tax payers have come to expect. In this role, he also works double duty with expanded responsibilities beyond the borders of Horicon to the entirety of Warren County on the County Board of Supervisors. Here, Matt served as Committee Chair of Public Works (DPW, Parks, Recreation & Railroad, Warren County Sewer, Solid Waste & Recycling) on the Warren County Board of Supervisors for 4 years and currently serves as Committee Chair of Personnel and Committee Vice Chair of Public Safety. He has previously served as Committee Vice Chair of Environmental Concerns, Finance, Extension Services, and Past Committee Chair of Health, Human & Social Services. Matt was appointed to the Warren & Washington County IDA in 2015 and served as Chair from 2018-2019, overseeing many projects to advance the economic viability of the area.

Matt’s scope of experience does not stop at the Town or County level, either. Matt volunteers more of his time, currently serving as President of the Adirondack Association of Town and Villages, being elected by his peers in 2018. The AATV represents over 101 towns and villages throughout the Adirondack Park and in his role as President, Matt works on behalf of the citizens who live inside the blue line to collaborate with stakeholders in the New York State Assembly and Senate as well as numerous environmental organizations such as the Adirondack Counsel to advocate for the residents inside the Blue Line to advance development and access of broad band and cellular service, infrastructure needs, as well as business and residents’ concerns. His current work includes collaborating with ORDA, the Assembly, Senate, and Governor’s office and Adirondack environmental groups for advancement of three State Constitutional Amendments to be added to the ballot for November 3rd.

Prior to public service, Matt was a small business owner of over 30 years in the construction trades industry. He knows the value of having to roll up your sleeves and working until a job is done. Over the span of three decades, Matt also learned first-hand what goes into creating jobs, making payroll, and succeeding in the face of the challenges with growing a business in the North Country.

After growing up in Warren County, Matt spent his early adult life living in Glens Falls before purchasing his first home with his wife Judy, in Queensbury where they would live until 2007 when they relocated to Brant Lake in Horicon, New York. He and Judy have been married for over 25 years and have two children.